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There are many reasons to get a manicure or pedicure: you want to look well groomed, just got engaged, want to sooth away a hard day’s work, upcoming wedding or event to look great for, or just feel like treating yourself. At  Salon Adagio, we use the best products to help you achieve the relaxation and polished look you want in a great manicure or pedicure. Each Salon Adagio service provider will make your hands and feet look great and give you a relaxing, personalized experience.

Put a Spring in Your Step! Pedicures are not just about your feet they are a total relaxation experience. A good pedicure is a way of waking up exhausted feet, putting a spring in your step, and getting your feet ready for summer foot ware! Salon Adagio offers you many ways to pamper and care for your feet (and legs!).

Express Pedicures

Includes a scrub, lotion application, clean up of nails and cuticles, and buffing treatment. (Color polish application included if desired*.)

Spa Pedicures

Includes a scrub, mask, and massage. Clean up of nails and cuticles, buffing treatment, and color polish application*.

At the Salon Adagio Rogers location you can enjoy:

Option 1 – Rejuvenating: Enjoy the stimulation and aroma of coffee, cappuccino, and mocha while you put a spring into your step. Let your feet and legs enjoy the benefits of caffeine without the calories!

Option 2 – Refreshing: Light and cooling cucumber and fruit leave your feet feeling like new. After this pedicure, you’ll feel restored and cheered.

Option 3 – Replenishing: Lavender and mint help repair and replenish your skin and feet. This pedicure is ultra moisturizing leaving you feeling relaxed and ready.

Seasonal options for pedicures:

Summer – Champagne and Rose to relax and celebrate!

Winter – Almond warming scrub with scents of nutty fragrances comforts on those cold winter days!

Manicures Include Salon Adagio Signature Almond

Spa Manicures

Soak, clean up of nails and cuticle, nail shaping, moisturizing lotion application, hand and arm massage, and color polish application*.

Ultimate Manicures

Relax and look your best! Includes a soak, clean up of nails and cuticle, nail shaping, warm Paraffin wax treatment, moisturizing lotion application, hand and arm massage, and color polish application*.

*Extra charge for French polish application for all nail services.

Shellac Polish

Enhance your manicure or pedicure with Shellac! This chip resistant, flawless, mirror finish polish will leave your manicure and pedicure looking beautiful for at least two weeks! And with zero dry time, there’s no need to worry about smudging!

Discover the Salon Adagio experience!

Salon Adagio has been bringing out the best in clients for over 30 years.  


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