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Meet the Team

Salon Adagio in Rogers, Minnesota is a full-service salon and day spa, offering a wide array of services for guests to look and feel their best. The salon and spa was founded by Carolyn Debo in 2011.

Our Mission at Salon Adagio is to create the ultimate experience for our guests by providing a comfortable, welcoming retreat to find balance – mind, body, and soul.  Our professionally trained staff  is committed to, and passionate about, assisting you in achieving the confidence that comes with looking and feeling your best.  We vow to continually advance our skills to bring you on trend techniques and treatments, as well as provide you with the necessary education to maintain your results at home. The professionals at Salon Adagio will help you find your best you.

Carolyn Debo - Owner

Before owning Salon Adagio, Carolyn worked as a Corporate & Investment Banker in Chicago. After receiving her MBA in Finance and International Business, she followed her passion for the salon and spa industry. Carolyn discovered and purchased an existing salon and spa in the Minneapolis area to be closer to her family. Carolyn and her dedicated team have grown Salon Adagio to become the premier salon and day spa in the I-94 Corridor.

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Janelle – Salon Manager

As an experienced stylist, Janelle brings a unique perspective to the management of Salon Adagio. Janelle is a creative salon manager who is deeply involved in not only the front of house, but also the mentoring and coaching of our Service Providers. She has a passion for education, and she takes great pride in the personal advancement of all Salon Adagio Team Members.

Kirsten M – Guest Services Team Lead

Kirsten is the bright and cheerful face of Salon Adagio, leading our Team of Guest Services Associates. With multiple years of experience in Customer Service, Kirsten strives to make each Guest a Friend before they leave the Salon.

Julie – Stylist

Julie is a Level 4 Stylist and a Shift Mentor at Salon Adagio. She is highly educated in advanced cutting and corrective coloring techniques, having been trained via many national events like the Redken Symposium and Redken Exchange.

Jocelyn – Stylist

As a Level 4 Stylist and Shift Mentor at Salon Adagio, Jocelyn plays a large role in the lives of our Salon staff. Jocelyn has a passion for serving her guests with amazing Customer Service, and she is very gifted in the cutting and styling of our guests with curly hair. Jocelyn is also excellent with manis & pedis.

Josyln (Joz) – Stylist

Joz is a Level 3 Stylist and Shift Mentor at Salon Adagio. She has experience as a Cosmetology School Educator, and she plays a big role in the Education of her peers at the Salon. Joz loves color! She is also a master with Reds and Blondes!

Pauline – Stylist

Pauline has been with Salon Adagio for a number of years, growing into a Level 3 stylist. Her Guests always feel special while in her chair. Pauline is highly educated with Advanced Education from a number of different programs, and her education shows in her Services.

Shantel – Stylist

As a Level 3 Stylist at Salon Adagio, Shantel is a major contributor to our team. She has a diverse set of skills, showing talent not only in advanced hair cutting and coloring, but also in skincare, body waxing and nails.

Anna – Stylist

Anna has been with Salon Adagio for over 5 years. She is a bright light on our Team, and as a Level 2 Stylist, Anna produces beautiful creations. Anna has a great talent for gorgeous bridal and prom specialty styles.

Cassy – Stylist

Cassy is a Level 2 Stylist with Salon Adagio. She is a fun Team Member who has a boisterous and lively approach to hairstyling. Cassy is adept at specialty colors and is an excellent nail artist, as well.

Jean – Stylist

Jean started as an Associate at Salon Adagio, and she has grown into a Level 1 Stylist. Balayage is Jean’s specialty, and her creativity is evident in her beautiful work.

Migdalia – Stylist/Esthetician/Massage Therapist

Migdalia wears many hats at Salon Adagio. She is a Level 1 Stylist when she is on the Salon Floor. Migdalia provides a relaxing experience to all of her Guests and sees the service through to her amazing blowouts. Migdalia is also a gifted massage therapist and esthetician – providing all of the skincare, body, and waxing services that Salon Adagio offers (including Eyelash Extensions).

Shalean – Stylist

You will enjoy Shalean’s bubbly personality while receiving a top notch Haircut or Color Service. Shalean is a Level 1 Stylist at Salon Adagio. She is definitely a Creative when it come to big bold Color.

Sara P – Stylist

As a New Talent Stylist at Salon Adagio, Sara P. shows great skill within her Service Offerings. Sara’s Hair Services are a perfect balance between creativity and precision, and her passion for Color is apparent in her work.

Chelsea – Stylist

Chelsea is a New Talent Stylist at Salon Adagio, having graduated from our Associate Program at lightenening speed. Chelsea loves to consult with the Guest and create statement looks for her more adventurous clientele.

Brittany – Stylist

Our New Talent Stylist, Brittany, brings an on trend perspective to her Coloring Techniques. If you are looking for that current pastel ombre or soft and pretty balayage, Brittany is a great choice for you! Brittany is also talented with undercuts and undercut designs.

Lisa – Stylist/Massage Therapist

Want to have a great time with your Stylist while you are in her chair? If so, Lisa is a wonderful match for you. Lisa brings her passion for beauty and her skill of massage therapy to every Service.

Sara N – Massage Therapist

Sara N. is a Shift Mentor and the Lead Massage Therapist at Salon Adagio. Sara is known for her deep tissue massage treatments. If you are looking to address chronic pain or headaches, Sara is sure to help with her therapeutic and relaxing Massage Services.

Kirsten V – Massage Therapist

Need a truly relaxing Massage? Kirsten V. is just the ticket! Experience her soothing approach to massage therapy, and you won’t be disappointed!

Bonnie – Esthetician

Bonnie is an Esthetician at Salon Adagio who offers wonderful skincare treatments for all different skin types. Enjoy one of her body treatments, as well, or receive that beautiful set of lush lashes which are expertly applied by Bonnie!

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This is Where Harmony Begins

To make an appointment with any of our stylists, please contact Salon Adagio at (763)425-0038!