Salon Adagio Tanning Club

Easy As One, Two, Three!

  1. How Does It Work?You receive unlimited access to our conventional beds (Sonnen Braune 735), giving you flexibility to tan as often as you like (within FDA guidelines), without the hassle of paying for each session. It is an unlimited package with no expiration date at the lowest price possible.
  2. What Is the Cost? The club requires a one time membership fee of $49.95 so we can set up a monthly automatic payment of $19.99 plus tax, which is paid directly from your credit card, checking or savings account.
  3. What Does It Offer? The Salon Adagio Tanning Club has many benefits:
    • Lowest Possible Cost
    • Freedom To Tan When You Want
    • Eliminates Need To Keep Track Of Sessions
    • Special Offers For Club Members Only (including 10% off all lotions)
    • No Deadlines Or Package Expiration
    • Fast And Easy Check-Ins
    • Membership Maybe Canceled At Any Time**

**(With a 30 day written notice, so automatic monthly payments can be stopped.)

Salon Adagio has been bringing out the best in clients for over 30 years.  


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