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There are many benefits to healthy sunlight exposure—just a few minutes several times a week can make all the difference to your mood and wellness. The tanning salon at Salon Adagio is designed to meet your tanning and sunshine needs, whatever they may be. Some people want to develop a deep tan, some want to get their vacation or summer tan started, others want the same results without any UV exposure.

Our goal at Salon Adagio is offer you the best high-tech tanning salon, at reasonable prices, in a safe and comfortable environment. We offer a variety of tanning options to meet your sunshine needs and tanning goals:

Sonnen Braune 735

  • 35 Body Scan-Xr 100W Reflectors
  • Facial Tanners
  • 15 Minute Tan Time
  • Dual Reflector System
  • Internal High Volume Cooling

Sunfire 220 (Stand-up Tanning Bed)

  • 40 Consmolux VHR 220W Long Lamps
  • Head to Toe Tanning
  • 10 Minute Tan Time
  • 18 MPH Breeze-No Sweat
  • 5 Sided Asymmetrical Design That Intensifies UV Output

Super Nova UltraBronz (Faster Tan, Stronger UVB Filter)*

  • 10x Stronger Than a Conventional Bed
  • Filters Out UVB Rays Which Virtually Eliminates Your Chance Of Burning
  • 6 Inch Comfortable Mattress
  • 18 Minute Tan Time
  • Tans Three Layers Deep (Keeps Color Longer!)
  • Recommended Use Is Three Sessions In 7 to 10 Days To Build a Bases, then 1 To 3 Per Month To Maintain

*For The Ultrabronz Bed: Appointments (Not Necessary) But Recommended

Mystic Tan (Sunless Tanning)

Find out about sunless tanning and the Mystic Tan experience!

Pricing : Salon Services, Spa Services, and Tanning Studio.

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Salon Adagio Salon and Day Spa has been bringing out the best in clients for over 30 years.  


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